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Detailed rules for the implementation of professional supervision of steam turbine

1. Project name: steam turbine professional installation project of Jinzhou domestic waste and sludge incineration power generation project

2. Project location: Beigou, Linshan village, Dalinghe street, Linghai City, Jinzhou

3. Project scale: two new 7.5mw steam turbine generator units

4. Quality standard: qualified in one-time acceptance, up to standard and put into operation

5. Construction unit: Jinzhou Zhongke Green Power Co., Ltd.

6. Supervision unit: Heilongjiang Huayu Power Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd.

7. Design unit: China Light Industry Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd.

8. Main equipment manufacturer: Luoyang Zhongzhong power generation equipment Co., Ltd.

9. Construction unit: Sichuan Industrial equipment installation company

2 Construction scope and content of steam turbine unit installation engineering:

1, two N7 43 type steam turbine body and two qf-k7 Turbine generator body installation works

2. Installation works of oil system of two turbine sets, four pipelines in the turbine room, auxiliary mechanical equipment and air cooling equipment

3. Single machine test run and system commissioning of two steam turbine units

III. supervision scope of work:

the supervision scope of this project includes the joint review of the engineering construction drawings of the two steam turbine units, the installation works of the auxiliary equipment of the two units, so as to achieve the whole process quality control, progress control, investment control, safety production control, contract management, and the information management that most domestic instruments are in a low-level homogeneous competitive state, And the coordination between relevant disciplines

air cooler), feed water pump, condensate pump, water jet pump and water jet tank, low-level water pump and water tank, high-pressure oil pump, AC and DC 15, can be installed through the equipped dialer to flow lubricating oil pump, oil cooler, water jet, condenser and auxiliary pipes


installation of equipment equalizing tank, oil tank, steam trap, air extractor, pipeline valve and electric actuator, pipeline facilities



two steam turbine generator units, high-pressure heaters, low-pressure heaters, shaft seal extractors and auxiliary pipes and valves

supervision, inspection and acceptance of the above construction parts for the installation of two Deaerator and auxiliary pipelines. The specific work flow is as follows:

5. Unpack and inspect the mobilized raw materials, equipment and purchased accessories

6. Recheck the safety facilities on the construction site, the safety inspection of construction machinery and equipment, and the measurement inspection of tools and instruments

7. Supervise the implementation of the technology, quality and safety management system and management methods of the construction organization

8. Supervise the implementation of specifications and standards during construction; Check the construction records

9. Review the completion of divisional, sub divisional and inspection batches during construction

10. Put forward rectification within a time limit for items in violation of operating procedures and non-compliance with design and specification requirements during construction

v. supervision Objective:

1. Quality control objective: the excellent rate meets the requirements of the contract, and the standard production is achieved

2. Progress control objective: meet the requirements of comprehensive progress, equipment installation and production

3. Safety production management: carefully review the Contractor's safety system and construction measures to eliminate major personal injury and death accidents and major quality accidents

4. Information management objectives: complete, clear, timely and accurate

VI. quality inspection and evaluation scope division table:

4. Jointly reviewed steam turbine engineering construction drawings and design institute change notice

5. Relevant current national construction acceptance specifications, procedures, and local laws and regulations

6. Technical code for construction of electric power construction Part 3: steam turbine generator set dl/t5190.3 2012

7. Code for acceptance and evaluation of construction quality of electric power construction Part 3: steam turbine generator set dl/t5210.3-2009

8. Code for construction and acceptance of industrial metal piping engineering gb50235-97

9. Code for construction and acceptance of hoisting equipment installation engineering gb50278-2010

10. Technical code for construction of electric power construction (pipelines and systems) dl5190.5-2012

11. Code for acceptance and evaluation of construction quality of electric power construction (welding part) dl5210.7-2010

12. Code for construction and acceptance of welding engineering of field equipment and industrial pipelines gb50236-201

13. Technical code for unit commissioning of thermal power construction engineering dl/t5294-2013

14 Safety work regulations for electric power construction (thermal power plant part) dl5009.1-2002

VIII. Quality control before construction:

1. Master and be familiar with the basis for quality control of steam turbine engineering

2. Prepare the technology and data before construction, assist the owner to review the qualifications of the steam turbine construction unit, personnel,

equipment, special types of work, valid certificates of test and inspection personnel, employment of quality inspection personnel with certificates, Accuracy grades of measuring instruments and measuring instruments (both within the validity period, dynamically mastered) and focus on the assessment of the laboratory

3. Check the materials and equipment required for the steam turbine project (having passed the acceptance, quantity, factory certificate of the equipment used, supporting documents, experimental report)

4. Review the Contractor's proposal 7 The construction organization design of steam turbine project is based on the full digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm

5. Review the construction technical disclosure, construction scheme and operation instructions proposed by the contractor, and the accompanying technical documents of the equipment manufacturer before construction

6. Formulate measures to improve the construction and management environment

IX. quality control during construction:

1. Carry out quality inspection, supervision and control in the construction process of steam turbine engineering according to the construction and acceptance specifications of national electric power installation engineering

2. Check the implementation of the process handover system of steam turbine engineering construction, and insist that the construction of the next process will not be carried out without the inspection and acceptance of the previous process

3. Do a good job in the inspection and acceptance of hidden danger projects, and make records

4. Strictly implement the quality veto. In case of adverse conditions, the supervision engineer has the right to instruct the construction unit to stop work for rectification, and the construction unit is not allowed to use unapproved materials, semi-finished products, change design drawings, subcontract the project, etc

5. Strictly implement the approval and visa system of subdivisional works, shutdown and resumption reports of steam turbine project

6. Participate in or organize the professional quality coordination meeting of steam turbine and implement it according to the meeting minutes

7. Keep in touch with superior leaders and owners (ask for instructions, report), and communicate

8. Ensure the safety of equipment storage, transportation to the site and installation

9. On site supervision adopts the methods of on-site supervision, patrol inspection and parallel inspection

X. quality control after construction:

1. Provide the director of the supervision department and the owner with a written report on the dynamic situation of the steam turbine project quality as required, and timely report the quality problems

2. Participate in the investigation of the causes and of steam turbine quality accidents, and review the technical measures or schemes for quality accident treatment

3. For the completed steam turbine subdivisional works, divisional works, concealed works, important processes, the Contractor shall first report to the supervision department after passing the inspection and acceptance, and at the same time, prepare all installation records, inspection materials, and fill in the standard form in writing and report to the supervision department after all preparations are complete. The professional engineer of steam turbine invites the owner to participate in the on-site inspection together with relevant personnel. If it meets the requirements, sign and confirm the opinions. The Contractor shall not carry out the construction of the next process without the inspection and confirmation of the steam turbine supervision engineer for the items inspected and verified by the steam turbine supervision engineer as required

4. For the construction items of steam turbine engineering divided by units, the construction unit shall complete the inspection sheet and attach the construction records and inspection reports to the supervision department after passing the self inspection. The steam turbine supervision engineer will jointly inspect and accept with the designer, the contractor, the manufacturer and the owner after preliminary review, sign opinions after passing the inspection, and handle visa procedures in time

5. For the items inspected according to the inspection outline, the steam turbine Supervision Engineer shall put forward the quality control report of the project, and assist the quality inspection station and the contractor in the inspection work

Xi. Contents and methods of progress control:

1. Review the steam turbine construction schedule submitted by the construction unit, including various construction preparation plans

2. Participate in the review of the horizontal structure design and main construction scheme of the steam turbine organization test machine submitted by the contractor (including: the release of construction force)

3. Check the number and integrity of construction machinery, which should meet industry standards

4. Assist the owner in formulating the materials, equipment consumption and supply time to be supplied by the owner

5. Establish a supervision diary reflecting the progress of the steam turbine project, record the daily image, position and physical quantity completed, and analyze the internal and external, human and natural factors affecting the progress of the steam turbine

6. Review the project progress report submitted by the contractor every month, pay attention to the difference between the actual and planned progress, the visual progress, and the consistency between the physical quantities and the completion of the workload

7. Timely carry out measurement acceptance and progress verification of steam turbine engineering according to the contract requirements

8. Participate in the on-site coordination meeting to study and solve the steam turbine problems related to the comprehensive progress

9. Analyze the progress of steam turbine project, the reasons for leading and lagging, and submit the measure plan for progress adjustment

10. Regularly report the progress of the project to the director and the owner

XII. Investment control:

1 Design changes. The equipment modification visa must be attached with instructions or negotiation agreement

2. The application for payment of the progress payment of the contractor and the steam turbine must have the opinions of the professional supervision engineer. It is strictly prohibited to pay in advance and overpay, and the engineering measurement work must be done carefully

XIII. Management contents and methods of safety production:

1. Supervise and urge contractors to implement relevant national and industrial safety laws and regulations, and assist the owner to formulate a safety inspection management system suitable for the project

2. Urge the contractor. Carry out regular safety education and necessary safety training, and increase the publicity of safety measures

3. The contractor is required to include the contents of safety measures when formulating the construction organization design, construction scheme and construction measures of steam turbine engineering. For the key projects of multi-storey and grade separation, targeted safety measures should be prepared and key prevention measures should be implemented

4. When inspecting the site and finding that the working environment and safety protection are inappropriate, which will endanger personal safety, the supervision engineer has the right to notify the project unit to stop work until the rectification meets the requirements

5. Participate in the major inspection of safe and civilized construction on site

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