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The European Commission announced on September 16 that it would impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of up to 43.6% on glass fibers imported from China. The European Commission published this decision in the official gazette of the European Union on the same day. EU's provisional anti-dumping measures 6. Why should we strengthen the construction of new material collaborative innovation system? It usually lasts for no more than half a year. At the same time, the EU's anti-dumping investigation procedure will continue, and the EU Member States will finally decide whether to impose a five-year formal anti-dumping duty

the implementation rules are as follows:

1 The varieties that impose temporary anti-dumping duties on glass fiber products imported from China include:

① chopped glass fiber with a length of no more than 50 mm

② glass fiber roving, excluding impregnated and coated glass fiber roving, and according to iso3 In the course of the experiment, roving with a loss on ignition of more than 3% determined by 1887 standard

③ glass fiber filament yarn, excluding those impregnated and coated glass fiber filament yarn, and filament yarn with a loss on ignition of more than 3% determined according to ISO 1887 standard

④ glass fiber felt, excluding the glass fiber felt currently within the scope of China's tariff code 70191100, Excluding relevant products with Chinese tariff codes of 70191200, 70191910 and 701931002, which are "relatively high friction" (as well as EU tariff codes of 7019310029, 7019120021, 7019120022, 7019120023, 7019120024, 7019120039, 701911061, 7019191062, 7019191063, 701911064, 7019191065, 7019191066, 7019191079 and 7019310099)

2. The implementation rules for imposing temporary anti-dumping duties on manufacturers are:

Company Name

anti dumping duties (%)

EU tariff additional code

Changzhou New Changhai Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Changhai composite materials Holding Co., Ltd.


other companies



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