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Implementation of the new EU ecological textile standard

according to the Quanzhou foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, the new EU ecological textile standard 100 has been officially implemented recently. This is the most authoritative and influential eco textile label in the world, which is used to detect the indicators of textile and clothing products affecting human health

compared with last year's version, the new version of the ecological textile standard has added many new testing items in the category of harmful substances to improve production efficiency. For example, in the EU eco textile technical specifications this year, the phthalates (plasticizers) of candidate samples have been increased from 6 to 12, and the total limit of these 12 items is still maintained at the previous 0.1%. Shishi printing and dyeing enterprise laboratory technicians

the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation suggests that export enterprises should design and produce products in strict accordance with the new standards, actively change the production process, try to avoid the use of harmful dyes and additives, and adopt environmentally friendly alternatives

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