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Using flexo printing to produce playing cards

playing cards are the most common cultural and entertainment products, with a huge demand. China's annual demand reaches more than one billion pairs, and there are as many as one or two hundred production enterprises. The main production bases are in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, and their quality grades are high and low, but there is a big gap compared with foreign products

after years of exploration, the production of playing cards in China has changed from embossed printing to offset printing, from a deck of cards with multiple sheets of paper to a deck of cards with one sheet of paper. A pair of printed matter is oiled on both sides and enters the oven for drying, calendering, die cutting, card tearing, re die cutting, cartoning and packaging. The whole process is flawless and the production efficiency is relatively high

except that Zhejiang Ningbo AAA group Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Yuren Paper Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Yuren Paper Co., Ltd. have papermaking and casting coating processes, other manufacturers use semi-finished base paper for composite processing. In order to reduce the cost, the cast coating paper is used on the back and face. Its wood pulp content is 15% - 30%, the base paper is 55-60g/m2, and the cast coating material can reach g/m2. It is easy to operate, cost saving and bright on the surface. The middle blue core paper is g/m2, compounded with polyvinyl alcohol glue, and then the offset printing substrate is prepared after drying, calendering and slicing. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of playing cards produced by this process, which mainly has the following disadvantages

1. In order to print with inferior paper, the surface smoothness is improved by casting and coating process. The product is not flexible enough and is easy to fracture; Cast coating materials and glazing materials are harmful to the health of consumers, and they cannot be embossed like the world famous brand (bee brand)

2. In the production process, the offset printing process is used on the cast coating materials, and then the urea aldehyde resin is used for polishing. After baking, it is flat. What's more, it can be identified from the back of the brand

3. After the paper offset printing is polished, it is baked in a free state, and it cannot shrink evenly, so that the size of the die-cutting tool is inconsistent with the card surface, and the size is inaccurate, which seriously affects the quality. This is a common problem for poker manufacturers until 2020

in order to make a major breakthrough in the production process of playing cards, it is necessary to change the single sheet paper offset printing to web paper flexo printing, and change the intermittent process to the continuous process

the king and king of American bee brand and j, Q and K have been observed in the heat preservation market of magnifying glass. It is a combination of color blocks without dots. Obviously, it is not offset printing, but flexo printing. Flexo printing uses water ink printing, with good adhesion and brightness. In addition, the flexographic web paper can be sent to the die-cutting machine through the paper storage mechanism, paper receiving mechanism, reverse printing and polishing, positive and negative positioning, positive printing and four-color polishing, calendering and embossing, vertical and horizontal cutting, collecting and tearing cards, and can be completed at one time. The overprint and die-cutting are accurate, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the cost, and ensures the quality

at present, China's Zhejiang Ningbo AAA group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yuren Paper Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Sanjian Printing Co., Ltd. have begun to use flexo printing technology to produce playing cards

however, due to the long-term industrial and consumption habits, matte playing cards have not been fully accepted. The main reason is that most of China's playing cards are low-grade products made of inferior paper. For a market environment that only pursues low cost and low price, it is difficult for enterprises to survive

because the oiling and polishing process of flexo printing machine can not be as large as that of traditional process, and the maximum wet coating amount on the surface is not more than 6g/m2. If the temperature rises when the temperature reaches a fixed value, the printing machine can only use a large sheet of one brand to enter the traditional process according to the ordinary process. This can also adapt to the current Chinese market and is still a high-efficiency printing machine

the progress of technology is endless. At present, many domestic manufacturers have started the research of low-cost and low-cost scenery bright and smooth coating agent. It is believed that this technology will make a breakthrough in a short time. China's famous poker brands are bound to go global

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