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Professor Chu Jian: build an industrial version of Android system for the industry on July 10, Professor Chu Jian, founder of China control technology group and lanzhuo industrial interconnection, was invited to attend the intelligence trend summit of 2020 world Artificial Intelligence Conference and delivered a special speech

Chu Jian said in his speech that the changes in the global supply chain under the epidemic will have a great impact on China's manufacturing industry. If our titanium dioxide market leader continues to extend and improve the industrial chain, we should not start from the perspective of the manufacturing industry itself, and users should not confirm it according to the national standard gb3098.1 ⑵ 000 user bolt specifications; The specification of wedge washer is the same as that of bolt. From the perspective of our digital transformation, we may face greater challenges

therefore, the industrial interconnection at the new infrastructure outlet has attracted much attention

as a domestic scientist in the field of automatic control, Chu Jian believes that in the past five years, we have made use of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, including the industrial interconnection of biodegradable plastic bag processing based on the new infrastructure, which we have put forward. These concepts have had a certain impact on the manufacturing industry, but what is industrial interconnection and what kind of artificial intelligence tools can be applied, This is to think

in his opinion, the biggest problem facing industrial Internet enterprises is how to create value for customers. We all expect that the future manufacturing industry will be a kind of manufacturing industry based on artificial intelligence. However, in addition to the application of artificial intelligence, the future manufacturing industry will also include other technologies, such as automation technology, process technology, equipment technology, etc

taking enterprises in the chemical industry as an example, we will be concerned about the basic automation of enterprises, including equipment automation, production automation, environmental protection automation, etc. When automation is realized, we will be concerned about the optimization of enterprise management, equipment, personnel and other optimization problems. Therefore, the five tasks of safe production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, product quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase and green environmental protection in an enterprise must be the most concerned issues of all our industrial enterprises, especially the process enterprises. Chu Jian pointed out in his speech that to complete these five tasks, basic automation is very important for any industrial enterprise. Without automation, the market share is still small, there is no way to ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole enterprise

based on this, Chu Jian proposed intelligent manufacturing based on industrial operating system. This should be an industrial revolution driven by software. In other words, we need a variety of industrial software to improve product quality, management level and reduce costs

Chu Jian believes that the future manufacturing industry must be based on industrial interconnection and various industrial software

he further explained that through the internal, major and key equipment connection of the enterprise, the diagnosis of equipment operation can be realized, and even remote operation and maintenance can be carried out. Through the industrial operating system, all information of the enterprise can be well controlled. The equipment, material flow, energy flow, capital flow of the enterprise and the role played by people in the enterprise can be on one platform. It's like ours. If we don't have an operating system to manage all the chips inside, we can't control them very well

if you compress a factory into one, you need to have such an operating system in the industrial field. In this system, there are a large number of industrial apps such as Android store and Apple store. He believes that such a platform can be built based on the industrial operating system in combination with the industrial scene and the knowledge of each industrial industry, and various tools and software can be developed. Such a model can not only solve the intelligent manufacturing problems of several or dozens of hundreds of enterprises, Instead, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing enterprises can enjoy the application of all industrial software in a relatively short time. Then we need a large number of developers and tools. At the same time, we will form an industrial app store similar to Android, which we call lanzhuo. In this store, all industrial enterprises may see what they need to help them solve their problems

Chu Jian concluded in his speech that to build an intelligent world, we must build on the basis of digital, and digital must be built on the basis of interconnection. For manufacturing enterprises, the only choice to build an intelligent factory is to build an industrialized operating system, and lanzhuo is confident that it can build an industrial Android system for the industry. (zhangjianke)

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