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Promote economic development with titanium dioxide and other projects

in recent years, China's macro economic environment and the demand of the terminal market have continued to pick up, providing a lot of market space for the development of China's titanium dioxide market, and also making China's annual output of titanium dioxide continue to grow. Yangxian county regards project construction as a powerful engine to promote the leapfrog development of county economy, insists on negotiating projects for settlement, signing contracts, promoting the commencement of projects under the leadership of the industry, grasping the progress of construction projects, and strives to promote the great economic development with the great acceleration of project construction

Yangxian county has arranged 72 key construction projects this year, with an annual planned investment of 8.109 billion yuan. Among them, there are 49 new projects, with an annual planned investment of 2.591 billion yuan; There are 23 continued projects, with an annual planned investment of 5.518 billion yuan

1 generally speaking, the time for plastic calculation of parts by using the finite element method is much longer than that for elastic calculation only.

in 2014, Yangxian county will build 14 key industrial projects with an annual output of 30000 tons of metallic calcium and 100000 tons of bentonite, and continue to build non-ferrous Industrial Park, nuclear Energy Development Industrial Park, relocation and expansion of Qinyang Changsheng Liquor Co., Ltd., which will increase the output value by 13.53 billion yuan, realize the tax of 2.16 billion yuan, and create 1300 new jobs

build a 10000 mu organic ginkgo base, avoid repeated construction and disorderly competition, plant and deep-processing production lines of organic Cornus, walnut and horseradish, and continue to build 14 agricultural industrialization projects with an annual output of 100000 tons of organic food processing, and provide 1billion euros to fund agricultural parks within 10 years. The new output value will be 1.67 billion yuan, the tax will be 49million yuan, and 700 new jobs will be created

newly build Yangzhou mansion, comprehensive agricultural trade market, Shangdu mall phase II project, and continue to build 18 tourism and trade service industry projects, including the comprehensive development of both sides of the river, the development and construction of Huayang scenic spot, and the construction of Crested Ibis pear garden scenic spot. After the completion of the project, the sales revenue will be 6.5 billion yuan, the tax will be 1.3 billion yuan, the profit will be 1billion yuan, and 900 new jobs will be created

18 infrastructure projects, including the construction of Yangxian station of xi'an-chengdu high speed railway passenger dedicated line, the infrastructure construction of xiechun Circular Industrial Park, the continued construction of Hanjiang River comprehensive flood control project, supporting facilities for resettlement and relocation, and water supply to the city

five social projects, including the new Chengxi primary school and the affordable housing project. Throughout the year, efforts were made to complete the planning, feasibility study, land acquisition and other work of 15 major early-stage projects with a total investment of 5.47 billion yuan, such as the Yangxian Huayang tourism express line project, the Yang'an second line project construction project, the Baili leisure and vacation corridor construction, the 40000 ton silicon manganese production line and the 60000 ton titanium dioxide production line, and strive to start construction within the year

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