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Hong Kong printing terms


white exposure/leakage

the printing paper is mostly white. During printing or plate making, the color of the connection is not close, exposing the background color of the white paper


up to date photographic plate making process. In order to remedy the insufficient light sensitivity of the dark bit of the picture, you can remove the original flash once or put a piece of paper to make up the spot exposure, or directly use the flash lamp to flash the white light to increase the depth extension of the original. The depth extensometer measures the small deformation of the material and softens the image

fat explosion

overeating will certainly make you fat, and the more silver grains of phenanthrene, the more light will also expand your territory. Manual overprinting is more sensitive to the film with thick transparent film to expose and fertilize


during color separation and plate making, the color intersection is intentionally expanded to reduce the impact of inaccurate overprint


refers to the color block area without dots, usually refers to the full version

anti white

words or lines are printed with negative lines, revealing paper white


is not a fisherman's craft. In the amplitude modulation and color separation process, the point angle distribution is wrong, or the distance between each angle and the adjustment load pointer and the driven pointer to zero is less than 25 °, and the moire begins to be obvious


the hanging process of lens plate making, remove the hanging after normal exposure, and add short exposure to increase contrast

dog teeth

dog teeth are crisscross. The picture is not enough pixels, and a dog tooth appears on the edge after zooming in

rose flower dots

patterns like deer. The worse is called mat pattern, and the worse is Turtle pattern


the instructions of layout ranking, with the prefix as the baseline. Extended to make-up and binding, it refers to taking the version head position as the benchmark

loose tail

typesetting. Only the word spacing is unified, not the end of the line


are not ecstasy. It is a masking film for manual color separation. It can be made by film drying or red film cutting. It can be used for ground removal or color modification

blue version

is not basketball, nor RGB B (blue), but CMYK C (green)



image or shadow of unknown origin. It is mainly caused by uneven ink supply of old printing machines

melon beating

does not mean that water melons beat dogs. In the letterpress era, the "Mafia" used lower positioning lead particles for typesetting than for typesetting


the overprint ratio of each color layer when different printing colors are stacked

fight every penny

learn from monkey king. The bottom printing car is equipped with an automatic paper turning device, which can bite the paper mouth to print the surface and bite the paper tail to print the bottom at one go


refers to a printing method that saves printing plates. Let the paper finish printing one side first, and then turn the paper left and right and the bottom back after it is dry, which is called the bottom reflexive version. When the bottom of the paper is reversed, it is called the bottom reflexive version. It is the process of reprinting the back of the paper without changing the printing plate

flying ink

the printing machine rotates fast and the ink body is not thick enough. The centrifugal force makes the ink splash

ink line

draw a gauge line on the printing plate so that it is just printed on the gauge position of the paper, and the needle position can be monitored at a glance

floating dirt

the printing plate is not hydrophilic and becomes lipophilic. Of course, there is thin oil stain. The problem is that the pH of the water in the bucket is incorrect


blasting, commonly known as drum. The action of the rubber cylinder leaving the impression cylinder

gun clamping

too much paper is clamped between the impression cylinder and the rubber cylinder, and the safety induction stops the printing machine

the residue

should not be printed on the paper. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the polyurethane industry, the problem also lies in the balance of water and ink


the printing machine stops rotating because the paper feeding is not smooth or the double paper feeding triggers the safety device

the needle position

is not the injection position. Stop gauge edge of the printing sheet. The paper is long and short, and the printing chromaticity and cutting need to have a needle position to align

continuous printing

a continuous printing process that saves film. Move the exposure with the registration cross


terminology of printing accidents. It refers to that the ink layer is too thick to dry, polluting the back of the paper pressed on it

front of the car (on the voice)

the Philippines calls the driver the front of the car. The printing head is not the captain, but refers to the printing speed

stone number

the title of printing quantity in the stone printing era. The color of paper is called one stone at a time

second hand

does not refer to second-hand goods. The second hand, or eye, of the fingerprint printing machine


is not hostile to the manuscript, but pre prints a sample manuscript for official printing through the proofing machine


is not an express delivery, but a paper feeding conveyor for the printing machine



bleeding of course after being cut. The printing and binding process requires that the ground color or experimental parameter setting picture of the page must span the cutting line by 3mm, which is called bleeding


fly, cut and remove. Flash refers to the removal of bleeding edge, which is a binding term


deformation, skew cutting, right angle to water caltrop, mostly caused by uneven paper gate pressure or incorrect paper grid


the surface of the printed sheet will be smooth after being processed by calendering roller. This is the processing surface treatment process


folding paper of Japanese book folding machine. The fourth fold of the 32 version must be reversed


does not refer to software. The page where the book version prefix is located is called the genuine page, the page where the sub code is located is called the reverse page, and the positive and negative pages are called a group, a post or a box

paper gate

is not a door for closing paper, but a paper cutting machine

horse riding nail

a method of book binding, such as stepping on horseback. After the thin book (less than 6 posts) is covered, it is placed on an iron frame to thread iron nails

pig intestines roll

a method of folding book stickers. The action is like wrapping intestines powder. 32 versions can be folded with 3 upper shuttles and 2 lower shuttles

organ folding

Book folding paste. When the book is folded, it opens like a screen

reverse cover

a method of manually binding the cover. First, the bottom edge of the cover is glued in place, then the spine cover edge is glued, and then a "reverse" cover action is performed

a rough book

is not a book with long hair. It refers to a blank book that has been locked without being cut on the cover

Dutou cloth

a piece of cloth connecting the upper and lower parts of the spine of the hardcover book. It is firm and beautiful

fire printing

a processing action of hardcover cover cover, such as bronzing, with high humidity


high profile

of course, the picture bit with more light is bright and snow-white. The Japanese color separation style likes to have no dots on the highlight bit to lengthen the picture level

low key

the sound is not weak, but the picture is dark, or dark tone


is not a terrorist event. Not enough memory or disk space will kill the computer


do not refer to weight. It is the unit of measurement for typesetting. The minimum unit of English letters is point, 1 inch minute 72 unit pounds


does not refer to class. In the era of optical Phototypesetting, it refers to the size of text. Grade 4 is 1 mm


does not refer to the horn, but refers to the size of characters in the lead printing era. The maximum special size characters are 72 pounds, and the minimum 8 size characters are 5 pounds

plain body

does not refer to the hair style, but refers to deforming the square shape with the lens to make the characters flat. Flat 1 is 10%, flat 2 is 20%, flat 3 is 30%, and flat 4 is 40%

long body

does not refer to the body shape, but refers to the narrow body character, which is 10% long and 10% narrow, 20% long and 20% narrow, 30% long and 30% narrow, and 40% long and 40% narrow


airbrush with compressed air. Hand made gradient method before DTP era


is not a word Festival. It is the unit of computer machine language byte. Eight bits are equal to one byte

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