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Nowadays, the problems existing in auto parts manufacturers and auto repair plants all know that a reasonable inventory structure is the key to the profitability of an enterprise. Obtaining the highest capital turnover rate and the lowest unsalable inventory rate is the business goal we always pursue to achieve household power generation

for many years, there has been a saying in the auto parts industry that "auto parts can make money, but there is always no more money on the book. Where is it? Almost all of them say, 'it's in the inventory'"! In other words, all the money earned is taken into new goods and stored in the warehouse

therefore, the longer the operating life of most auto parts is, the more goods in stock will be. Like a snowball, it will roll more and more. The heavy inventory pressure has become a headache for the generation of "old auto parts"; It will be even more difficult to "exchange" these overstocked commodities for cash...

controlling inventory is the key to the profitability of auto parts operation

according to the unwritten rules in the industry, the circulation of auto parts as service commodities should also pay attention to the weekly turnover rate of funds occupied by inventory commodities; That is, the annual sales divided by the average amount of capital occupied by inventory goods equals the number of annual turnover. According to the assessment of large and Chinese Auto Parts Companies in previous decades, it can be used only after four times, which is a reasonable inventory structure

now, under the situation of shorter and shorter renewal period of domestic cars, more and more brand models, and better and better production quality of spare parts, the inventory turnover rate will be lower and lower for auto parts operators

in the commercial vehicle parts industry, few can reach more than five times, and even fewer can reach more than seven times. Most small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises are within three to four times; Some mom and pop stores that have operated for more than five years are at the level of twice or less

therefore, it is a major task for all auto parts operators to control the inventory structure, strive to speed up the capital turnover rate and reduce the operation risk of overstocked goods

because not only most automobile manufacturing enterprises are in the process of transformation, the old models are rapidly eliminated, and the new models are rapidly put on the market; Moreover, our industry is also undergoing transformation. Some large and medium-sized auto parts circulation enterprises with strength and vision are optimizing their capital structure, stripping the burden of old inventory through the integration of various resources, so as to achieve rapid expansion and occupy the market; Moreover, our society is also undergoing transformation. With the overall improvement of people's material living standards, the updating of values and consumption concepts, more and more new models and products are accepted and recognized by a new generation of consumers

this all-round transformation has sounded an alarm for us. We can no longer do business with the original business philosophy and methods. You should know that the inventory of goods and model specifications is no longer the more the better, the more complete the better; To establish an idea, it is the real skill to use the least capital to occupy and do the most sales. In a sense, auto parts business does not mean that the more investment, the more money; On the other hand, if the inventory is not well controlled, the more investment will be made and the more losses will be made

therefore, it is necessary for us to control our own inventory and prepare goods reasonably and accurately, including brand model positioning, variety specification positioning, quantity and origin positioning

the inventory structure of auto parts should be controlled from the following aspects:

first, further improve the pertinence of stock, and strive to distinguish easily damaged parts, standing parts and rare parts.

sitting at home and making a purchasing plan behind closed doors is definitely not feasible. We must go out and do detailed market research within the sales scope of this region to truly understand the model characteristics and owners of social vehicles

including the purchase habits and requirements of car owners, the dynamics of the transportation market, and even the feedback from new and old customers, so that they can have a clear aim to prepare the goods

don't just buy new products that are not available at home. Whether they are vulnerable parts, standing parts or rare parts, go back to stock them and sell them slowly

II. Strictly and carefully grasp the quantity of goods in stock

make statistical analysis on the sales history of the previous period, find out the rules of customer demand, and carefully determine and arrange the purchase quantity and purchase time cycle again

do not stock too much for the sake of the cheap price promoted by the supplier at the moment, or purchase in large quantities blindly according to the general assumed sales experience

under the condition of not running out of stock, it is a good experience for smart merchants to purchase less and sell faster, because no one can accurately grasp the price trend and the special needs of customers

we also need to know that there is such a law in auto parts management. In the inventory of goods, only 20-30% of the goods can bring you 70-80% of the profits, and the profits of many goods are offset by the interest occupied by the capital

therefore, we should spend 70-80% of our energy on the purchase and replenishment of 20-30% of the goods in order to maximize profits. If there are 50 or 100 more, there should be only one less

III. according to the laws and characteristics of customer demand, do not be emotional and impulsive purchase

as a rational auto parts operator, he will not be blinded by the illusion of market and temporary demand and uncertain customer demand. Those who are cheated are often driven by interests. Do not let the manufacturer "cheat" for the sake of temporary profit transfer. Be careful to purchase seasonal price adjustment products and promotional products, More to prevent illegal businesses so-called "clearance goods, jump prices"; Even knowing that it is a "fake commodity" and "greedy for profit and love"

IV. accurately formulate the procurement replenishment cycle and reasonably arrange the inventory structure

there is a cycle for the purchase of goods in each store. Operators must determine it according to the characteristics of their own sales cycle and capital cycle. The longer the procurement cycle, the higher the shortage rate may be; Too short a purchase cycle will increase the inventory of a single item

it is impossible to replenish each part at the most suitable time, which depends on your working skills and the rationality of the inventory structure

therefore, we say that it is easy to earn the price difference by making auto parts. The actual book profits are easy to achieve, but it is difficult to really turn the profits into cash. It is even more difficult for you to draw funds from the auto parts warehouse for investment or career change

now some wise auto parts owners have realized this, and are exploring the best countermeasures to build up a clear inventory pull and not enough inventory of unsalable goods; Some have expanded the customer market and diluted the inventory structure through complementary advantages and resource integration; Others seek joint-stock joint ventures with peer enterprises with strong strength and standardized management to gradually digest and improve the structure of inventory commodities

in a word, in order to realize the continuous improvement of effective inventory and the gradual reduction of invalid inventory, control the inventory structure at the best and create a unique performance synergy, each auto parts operator must pay a lot of money to achieve it. This is not a person's point of view, but the consensus of most people of insight in the auto parts industry

there are four problems in the auto repair factory:

the auto repair market is becoming more and more mature. With fierce market competition, brands, chains and individuals, the majority of auto repair enterprises seem to have exposed too many problems overnight, making it more and more difficult to survive. So what are the problems? How to solve it

as a traditional technical service-oriented industry, automobile maintenance enterprises have a long history. They have been born since the birth of automobiles. Counting years, they also have a history of hundreds of years. Automobile technology is changing with each passing day, and various new technologies are emerging one after another. However, the elements of operating and maintenance enterprises have not changed much, and they are still business management, technology and parts supply. Business management is always an eternal topic for enterprises. Different times, different operators, different management models and business ideas. However, providing better service and experience to consumers is the unchanging creed of business managers. In addition, the importance of parts supply to maintenance enterprises goes without saying

through observation and contact with auto repair personnel, it is concluded that a common problem is that the enterprise's technical strength is weak, and its ability and efficiency to solve more complex technical problems are low. Why is there such a problem that the pressure testing machine is widely used in the construction industry? It can be concluded that the following four reasons exist:

1. There are many types of vehicles.

the service models of comprehensive maintenance enterprises are basically "international vehicles", and vehicles of various countries, brands and models may be repaired. Due to the large number of vehicle models, the ability of maintenance technicians is required to be higher than that of a single vehicle model. In front of many models, the technicians' longitudinal technical level is insufficient. That is, although there are many vehicle types in the maintenance enterprises, the maintenance depth of specific vehicle types is not enough. The horizontal coverage is wide, and the vertical specialization is not high. This is just the opposite of the specialized repair shop or 4S shop

2. Poor source of technical information

the technical information of current models is monopolized by 4S stores. Generally, maintenance enterprises have no technical source, and technology has become water without a source and a tree without roots. The performance of diagnosis and test equipment is also lower. With the deepening of national policy reform, technology disclosure has gradually surfaced, but the type and depth of public information remain to be observed

3. No systematic technical training

brand 4S stores or large maintenance chains generally have their own technical training system, and require the maintenance technicians of dealers or chain stores to participate in the training systematically. Even if the state compels the manufacturer to disclose the technical data of the vehicle model, but there is no technician who has been systematically trained to master the technical analysis ability, the published technical data is also like waste paper. If there is no training, employees' technical growth will inevitably be slow if they only rely on their natural learning and accumulation

4. Without a technical support team

it is impossible for an ordinary maintenance enterprise to set up a technical support team with high salary, while a brand 4S store or large maintenance chain may set up a technology sharing team to provide technical support services for its dealers or chain stores. In short, information asymmetry and high investment are the main reasons for the weak technical strength of general maintenance enterprises

how to solve this dilemma? We should also start with technical information, technical training and technical support

what is technical information? It not only includes traditional vehicle technical data, such as maintenance manual, circuit diagram, etc., but also should establish a vehicle information database with richer content, such as vehicle case analysis, vehicle technical bulletin, vehicle fault code analysis, vehicle operation status parameters and other further information. These information resources need special institutions to collect, summarize, update and establish a platform. Maintenance enterprises only need to pay for the use

how to do technical training - the traditional face-to-face training costs a lot. Maintenance enterprises need to spend a lot of money on training. At the same time, they also face the moral hazard of losing key employees. In terms of training, the training platform and app can be used to significantly reduce the training cost of maintenance enterprises, and use the fragmented time of employees for training and learning to improve learning efficiency

how to seek technical support - maintenance enterprises do not need to establish their own teams, just rely on a technical support team, and hand over professional matters to professional people. Maintenance enterprises only need to care about the technical strength of the team

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