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Hongru automation IAC displays human-computer interface and other products

the human-computer interface is a bridge between people and machines. It widely exists in our life and work. People can do interactive information exchange with various devices through it. It is widely used in various occasions, such as industrial control, interactive query, building automation, vending machines, cash registers, cash machines And so on

with the advent of Internet, the application of man-machine interface will go deeper into every corner of our daily work and life, bringing greater convenience and security to our life

there were no more than (items) in this exhibition. Hongru automation showed the participants a number of products such as "Hongru" series frequency converters, non inductive vectors, motor drives, high-speed drives, man-machine interfaces and so on

Hongru company is a professional team composed of a group of people with many years of experience in industrial automation control. Before the establishment of the company, it was engaged in the project development and service of automatic control related products During years of practical marketing experience, I deeply feel that the existing man-machine products in the market and the products tested on the production line have a certain gap with the actual needs of customers in terms of the fundamental similarity/function/price/applicability between the principle of quality communication power off fatigue life test machine communication power off test system and DC, and the performance and price ratio are not ideal, Therefore, Hongji Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in july2003. It is a limited company that obtains the displacement of the beam by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder

since its establishment, it has specialized in the professional R & D and manufacturing of human-computer interface touch screen and its software and hardware, in order to improve human work quality and customer product competitiveness

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