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When it comes to the decoration steps of rough houses, it's called a big head! You said that such a bare house, do not know where to start, which to do first, which to do later, is really a brain confused, netizens are also going to collapse

when it comes to the decoration steps of blank houses, it's called a big head! You said that such a bare house, do not know where to start, which to do first, which to do later, is really a brain confused, netizens are also going to collapse

is the door installed first or the floor paved first

can cabinets be installed before painting

can carpentry and bricklaying be carried out at the same time

when will the hydropower transformation be carried out

which is installed first, radiator or switch socket


you must have been completely confused. How many steps are there in the decoration of the blank house? It's so confusing that you can't even figure out the order

in fact, the decoration steps of blank houses are very simple. The reason why they are so complicated is that many people don't know how to remember systematically and integrally. In order to do this, we need to clarify the internal relationship of each construction item inside, so that it will be clear at a glance. Today, I have specially sorted it out and shared it with you to ensure that you can understand it at a glance

■ design is always the first

everyone should understand that design comes first. For blank houses, in the early design stage, the plan and elevation of the house should be drawn, and the room should be measured in detail (the size should be measured in place as far as possible, more measurement is better than less measurement), especially in the future, the wall size of furniture needs to be designed on the wall, such as customized cabinets, customized wardrobe and other wall sizes must be measured in place, Because the manufacturer will make it according to this size

these are all done by the decoration design company. They will design the scheme according to the drawings and your needs. When you decide, you can proceed to the next step

■ finish on paper, dismantle and modify the main frame

according to the plan drawings determined by the design, the main body can be dismantled and modified, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, plastic steel window replacement, etc., which are all based on the plan drawings. When the demolition and modification are completed, the most basic housing frame is completed

the bearing wall cannot be dismantled

wall reinforcement cannot be removed

beams and columns cannot be removed

balcony parapet cannot be dismantled

“ Three proofs &rdquo& ldquo; Five prevention ” The door cannot be removed

the waterproof layer of kitchen and bathroom cannot be removed

otherwise, your house will be destroyed

■ after the demolition and modification is completed, immediately carry out water and electricity renovation

here, pay attention to the demolition and modification of the main body &mdash& mdash; During the water and electricity transformation, a measurement of the dimensions related to the cabinet design should be carried out. In fact, this measurement has no actual content, because the wall and ground have not been treated, the cabinet designer cannot give the specific design dimensions, but just put forward some relevant suggestions on the location of the upper water inlet and the range hood socket reserved by the developer:

does the location of the range hood socket affect the installation of the range hood in the future

is the location of the water meter appropriate

is the location of the water inlet convenient for installing the water tank in the future

you are right. The cabinet designer can predict the above three points on these relevant dimensions, so as to save you trouble behind, so as not to regret it too late


first, after the waterway transformation is completed, it is best to make the toilet and kitchen waterproof together

second, the mobilization of materials. Unless it is the main materials required for demolition, the mobilization time of main materials such as ceramic tiles and large core boards should be after the water and electricity transformation, because if the circuit transformation involves slotting on the ground and the stacking position of ceramic tiles and large core boards is improper, it is very troublesome for workers to move around

■ “ Three brothers ” Appearance

Tilers, carpenters and painters are the “ Three brothers &rdquo

the basic appearance order is: bricklayer, carpenter, painter

the basic appearance principle is: whoever is dirty will go first

“ Whoever is dirty goes first ” This must be kept in mind that it is also one of the basic principles that determine the order of family decoration

“ Bricklayer boss ” It is mainly responsible for the installation of tiles, doorstones, marble windowsills, floor drains and range hoods. When the tile work is completed, the relevant dimensions of the cabinet design can be measured for the second time. To be exact, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are pasted and the range hoods are installed, the second measurement can be carried out

it should be noted here that the bricklayer can let “ Carpenter's dick ” Enter the arena, because there is no conflict between them

when the bricklayer and carpenter are finished, “ The third painter ” You can enter >& gt;

" The third painter " The main tasks of the project are to complete the wall base treatment (in order to prepare the wallpaper, the painter needs to do the base treatment on the wall with the planned wallpaper), brush the top coat, paint the furniture finished by the carpenter, etc

■ finish the wall surface and start the top surface (kitchen and bathroom ceiling)

before installing the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, it is best to install the ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) at the same time, or leave wire ends and openings

■ after measuring you twice, it's finally you (cabinet installation)

after the ceiling is finished, you can install the cabinet, which can be completed in one day. At the same time, you can install the sink (not including the upper and lower water parts) and the gas stove. Before installing the cabinet, you'd better coordinate with the property to connect the gas, because the gas stove needs to be tested after it is installed

■ first the door, then the panel, and then the wallpaper

the door

on the second day after the cabinet is installed, the wooden door can be installed. It only takes one day, and the relevant hardware should be ready

two points should be noted here. First, the manufacturing cycle of wooden doors is generally 1 month. Therefore, in order to closely connect the construction period, it is necessary to ask the wooden door manufacturer to come to the door as soon as possible after the main body is demolished and modified to measure the size of the door opening; The second is about the treatment of the door opening. If the height of the door opening at home is inconsistent, workers need to treat it as equal height to look good


the floor can be installed on the second day after the wooden door is installed, which is also a day

two points should also be paid attention to here. First, before the floor is installed, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled; Second, before the installation of the floor, the floor paved at home should be cleaned to ensure that the floor is dry, so do not use water in the cleaning process


on the second day after the floor is installed, after the house is cleaned up, you can make an appointment to lay the wallpaper. It takes the same day

if possible, the floor should be protected on the day when the wallpaper is laid; It doesn't matter if there's no condition. It's no problem to hand over the wallpaper glue left on the cleaning floor to pioneer cleaning

before laying wallpaper, try to “ Don't have anything &rdquo

■ switch socket & Lamps, wall top perfect ending

if you switch sockets, you should have a detailed understanding or record of the number of switches, sockets, positions and other issues in your home, and you need to be aware of them

there's nothing to say about lamps. There's nothing you like, and it's OK to match them harmoniously with the style of the room

this is the decoration steps of the blank house. It's actually quite simple to think about. You only need to figure out the reason. It's like some construction can be carried out at the same time, such as bricklaying and carpentry. In fact, the most important thing to pay attention to is some construction details. Let's talk about this again~





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