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Today, mosaics have shown a diversified development trend in color, texture and specification after being made by modern technology, and the quality is getting better and better

hardware must be able to adapt to many factors such as the humid environment in the kitchen and more oil smoke. Its quality is also crucial to the normal use and service life of cabinets

the hinge is the most tested. It should not only accurately connect the cabinet and the door panel, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone, and must keep the consistency of the door arrangement unchanged, otherwise after a period of time, it may be up and down, slip away from the corner. Among the world's high-quality brands, heitis, Ferrari, Salice, Blum and glass belong to the first camp. As a world-class brand, heitishi has excellent performance. Its steel is thick, its base is high, its force arm is long, it can be positioned at will without displacement, and its opening life can reach 100000 times

in the design of the whole drawer, the most important accessory is the slide rail. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, even if the low-quality slide rail feels good in the short term, it will be difficult to push and pull in a little longer time. Cabinet manufacturers of well-known brands generally use slides with good quality, such as "haifule", "heitishi", "Spanish bottom rail", etc




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