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The comprehensive opening-up of the two-child policy has brought new family members to many families. With the arrival of the baby, the children's room will have to be redesigned in the future. So, how to decorate the room for two children? Next, Xiaobian has prepared some cases of room decoration for two children. Let's have a look

1. Decoration strategy for two children's room

1. Flat children's room

if your family is large and the children's room has a spacious area, we recommend the flat design idea. Flat type, as the name suggests, is the design of two children's beds flat. The flat design makes it very convenient for children to get on and off the bed, and there will be no competition. In terms of soft clothing, its large area can be decorated with multiple colors, so that children can be exposed to the fairy tale world. If it is a sister and brother, you can distinguish the color of bedding. For example: boys use blue, girls use pink

II. Folding children's room

folding children's room, the most prominent is the design of folding children's bed. In recent years, folding beds have become very popular, which are simply customized for the opening of the second child. At present, the small and medium-sized houses in the market still account for the majority, and folding beds have great room to play in such houses. In terms of space saving and practicality, folding beds have never lost. Usually, the bed can be put away, and the children will have a place to play, and the whole family will interact together. Solid wood is recommended as the material of the folding bed, and there are potential safety hazards in metal furniture

three, double decked children's room

talking about the double decked, Xiaobian thought of the brother who slept in the upper bunk in the University. The double-layer design is the development and utilization of the upper space. Double deck, more suitable for families of different ages. For example, my brother is 10 years old and my brother is 4 years old. Climbing up the bunk is not suitable for young babies, so it is usually the space for brothers and sisters. In the upper and lower bunks, it's easier for the two brothers to cultivate feelings, and the big one can also take care of the small one. For the sake of safety, parents are advised to climb ladders or stairs, so that children can go to the upper bunk more stably

IV. multiple birth room

multiple birth room is for families with multiple births. This kind of children's room can be said to be the most lively room. From the perspective of design, we should start with the premise of accommodation. Children's beds are also geometrically beautiful, and the upper and lower spaces are used together. But there are still certain requirements for the area

article summary: the above is all about the decoration strategy of two children's rooms and how to decorate the children's room after the second child. Xiaobian likes the design of folding children's beds. You don't have to follow the traditional route of children's room in design. Maybe your baby likes it better in a different style





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