Be careful in seasonal decoration to prevent paint

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The Xiuzhou fire brigade of Jiaxing (real estate) in Zhejiang Province issued a warning that the high temperature in summer is extremely hot, and there are many inflammables and explosives used in the decoration, especially the paint in the high temperature environment, which may cause explosion at any time

according to the fire experts who participated in the relevant fire investigation, due to the high temperature in summer, the paint is more likely to volatilize into the air. With the continuous rise of indoor temperature, the concentration of oil vapor in the decoration room also increases. In the process of decoration, the hammers and grinding wheels used by workers will produce small sparks due to friction. If they encounter high concentration of oil vapor in the air and gather a large amount of xylene, the explosion will naturally occur

Xiuzhou fire protection experts told reporters on the 21st that the decoration construction in high temperature weather in summer should pay attention to the following problems:

first, the operation should be standardized, and the ventilation of the construction environment should be maintained to avoid excessive indoor temperature and long construction time, resulting in the explosion of too much toluene gas accumulated in the indoor air

second, the construction projects should be clear and avoid mixed operations. Workers who are painting cannot work together with carpentry or electricians, such as furniture making, heating, and wood floor installation, so as to avoid sparks during construction

third, materials should be classified. Wood, paint, paint and other different materials should not be mixed together or in one room, but should be placed separately, especially paint, which should be stored in a ventilated place

fourth, kindling is prohibited on the construction site. Employees are not allowed to smoke and throw cigarette butts everywhere during operation to prevent cigarette butts from igniting paint or other decoration materials

fifth, fire extinguishers should be available at the construction site. Once a fire breaks out, employees can put out the initial fire in time to reduce fire losses and hazards




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