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The integral wardrobe belongs to a kind of wardrobe type with strong integrity in the category of wardrobe. It has strong practicability and storage function. Is the overall wardrobe expensive? How to calculate the overall wardrobe price? This is what we should consider in the decoration budget. Thinking effectively and budgeting well in advance can help us save a lot of costs. Let's learn about the price calculation of the overall wardrobe

1. Design cost

one of the selling points of the overall wardrobe is personalization. The first step is to design after door-to-door measurement. The overall wardrobe designer is similar to the home decoration designer. The charge is generally related to the complexity of the designed products, and the design cost of each city is also different. The reporter learned that the average price is 20-50 yuan/square meter

2. Material cost of the overall wardrobe

at present, there are two calculation methods in the market, one is based on the expanded area, and the other is based on the front projection area. The front projection area is relatively simple, that is, the length of the cabinet × High, consumers can easily figure it out by themselves; The expansion area calculation method is based on the expansion area of the cabinet. The area of each partition should be calculated separately, which is more complex. Different boards have different prices. For example, the price of solid wood particle board is higher than that of MDF, about 260 yuan/square meter

3. The cost of moving the door is extra

if it is an open overall wardrobe, the price in this regard will not be considered. At present, the price of sliding door in the market is 800-1000 yuan/square meter. According to Mr. ge of Aijia Earl home furnishing store, the main sliding door in the store adopts mirror design, and the price is about 1500 yuan per square meter

4. Hardware cost

the hardware of the overall wardrobe mainly includes sliding door buffer, damping wheel, pulley, handle, etc., and the price is not very high. The average price learned by the reporter of is 30-50 yuan/piece

5. After sales installation. Usually free door-to-door delivery

editor's summary: on the whole, the wardrobe design is different, the materials used are different, and the prices are different. Take the wardrobe with a length of 2400 and a height of 2600 as an example. The price of the finished product is about 4000-5000 yuan. If the wardrobe is large, the price of a cloakroom can be more than 10000 yuan

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